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For almost four decades, XTC fans could only dream of witnessing the sensational XTC classic songbook played live. That dream has now become a reality. XTC’s legendary drummer, Terry Chambers, is back on the road with his band EXTC (named and approved by XTC frontman, Andy Partridge).

Emerging out of the post-punk and new-wave explosion of the late 70s, XTC experienced global success touring with the likes of The Police and Talking Heads. The band put their hometown of Swindon UK on the map. They achieved huge success in North America and Japan.  Sadly, their legions of loyal fans would be left in limbo when in 1982 XTC stopped touring, becoming a studio-based entity.

Fast forward to 2017, Terry returned to the UK from Australia and reconnected with XTC bandmate Colin Moulding. The two would go on to collaborate on new venture TC&I, releasing an EP and live album. Sadly the project was short-lived with TC&I disbanding in early 2019.

By now the flame inside Terry had been reignited. His time with TC&I made him realise he wanted to continue doing what he does best. His love and passion for playing music and performing live gave him the idea for his new project, EXTC.

Born in early 2019, EXTC would set out to achieve its goals of performing to audiences who had waited so long to hear the EXTC back catalogue performed live, only to be bought to a standstill in 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Terry was keen to get on the road with EXTC, with a tour of the United States scheduled for autumn 2020. Unfortunately, this would be postponed due to covid restrictions still in place, the tour being rescheduled for the following year.

The band eventually began gigging again in 2021, with sold-out dates around the UK. This would include the Isle of Wight Festival and gigs in Terry Chambers and XTC’s hometown of Swindon. The band would go on to do further successful tours of the United States and Canada, with EXTC also heading to Japan in early 2023.

EXTC has kept much of the original fan base from XTC’s glory days of the late 70s and early 80s, as well as gaining a new following of fans in their own right. Enthusiastic fans have lapped up the chance to see Terry and EXTC perform all those classics live once more.

Alongside Terry, the EXTC line-up features frontman Steve Hampton (lead vocals & guitar - Joe JacksonThe Vapors and Dead Crow Road) and Terry Lines (bass & vocals - The Rams and Dead Crow Road).

Originally a four-piece, EXTC band members have changed frequently over recent years. EXTC announced in November 2022 that they are now moving forward as a three-piece. Terry, Steve, and Terry will bring you the full EXTC experience, with their mesmerising and engaging live performances as you relive the heyday of XTC.

With new material already in the works, EXTC is a band on an upward trajectory. With their popularity gaining momentum and international tour schedules increasing, it is clear the sky is the limit for Terry Chambers and EXTC!