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For almost four decades, XTC fans could only dream of witnessing the sensational XTC classic songbook played live. That dream has now become a reality. XTC’s legendary drummer, Terry Chambers, is back on the road with his band EXTC (named and approved by XTC frontman, Andy Partridge).

Emerging out of the post-punk and new-wave explosion of the late 70s. XTC experienced global success, touring with the likes of The Police and Talking Heads. Sadly, their legions of loyal fans would be left in limbo, when in 1982 XTC stopped touring, becoming a studio-based entity. 

Alongside Terry, EXTC features frontman Steve Hampton (lead vocal & guitar - Joe JacksonThe Vapors and Dead Crow Road) and Terry Lines (bass & vocals - The Rams and Dead Crow Road).

VersoFest Keynote Conversation

 Here's a wonderful interview with Steve Lillywhite recorded at the VersoFest, a very special recommendation for EXTC.

Terry Chambers who is the drummer for XTC is running a band called EX, EXTC, literally and it's a three piece, and they're playing all your favourite XTC song's. That you haven't seen live in about forty years. Go and see them they're fantastic. I saw them two nights ago, go and see them guys and the guy Steve whose the singer and the guitar player excellent, excellent.” - VersoFest Keynote Conversation

Steve Lillywhite


Terry Chambers


Terry Chambers, the driving force that was at the centre of XTC, is one of the world’s most celebrated drummers. Terry was the original drummer for XTC and was with the band at its incarnation in the early ’70s until they stopped touring in 1982.  Terry’s distinctive drum sounds powered tracks like Senses Working Overtime and Making Plans for Nigel. After XTC, Terry joined the popular Australian-New Zealand band, Dragon. He was also involved in session drumming. In 2017, he reconnected with ex-XTC band member, Colin Moulding and collaborated on an EP with the short-lived project TC&I.